Camp at a Glance

Family Involvement

At the end of every day of camp, each camper will get a “Peacemakers Seed.” This is a summary of what we did at camp that day and ideas about practicing peacemaking skills at home. Instead of “homework,” Peacemakers’ Day Camp encourages daily peacemaking exercise.

In order for a child to attend Peacemakers’ Day Camp, the family must contribute. You can give money $40 or ($25-$55 per camper, sliding scale based on what you can afford), donate your time during the week, or bring snacks and juice for all campers on one day of the camp. 

At noon on Friday, campers parade to Kern park for a picnic. Families are encouraged to join us and watch group presentations as well as our closing “Bells of Peace” dance.

Each camper is presented with a certificate of completion showing them to be a Peacemaker.

Camp costs $40 or $25-$55 for the week sliding scale. There are also options to supply food and drinks for snack, or volunteer in some other way instead. Please contact us to arrange volunteering or donations.


Daily Camp Schedule
8:30- Campers arrive and craft time
9:00- Music/Singing

9:30- Small Groups Activities (curriculum learning)

10:30- SNACK

10:50- Large Group activity (curriculum learning)

12:00- LUNCH (Please bring a bag lunch each day)

12:30- Cooperative and team building active games

1:00- Centering and quietness

1:20- Put-up Count

1:30- Peacemaker seeds and good bye

Join us for a one week day camp. You will learn peacemaking and conflict resolution skills, sing songs, create crafts and art projects, learn cooperative games and team building activities.

At the beginning of the week the campers and staff will create a “peace treaty” which we will agree on and sign and use as a set of guidelines to live by throughout the week. Campers will understand that they have a roll in the quality and safety of their environment.

There will be week long learning with regard to this years theme, “The faces of Peace, Racial Justice and Equality”.

All week we will be practicing “put-ups” which are the opposite of “put-downs” or “fouls”. We will practice communicating with compassion, empathy, and tolerance.

We will have some sort of end of week culmination, more details to follow..

*On Fridays, parents and family are invited to meet us at Kern Park (3614 N Humboldt Blvd, Milwaukee, WI 53212) at noon for a picnic and performances.

We offer after-camp care for those campers whose parents work past the end of camp. The fee for aftercare is $15 per day,per child from 1:30 until 3:30, or $25 per day, per child from 1:30 until 5:00

Sponsor a Camper

If you would like to pay an additional $40 fee to sponsor another child (who may not be able to pay) to attend camp, please let us know and we would be more than grateful in accepting your donation, Thank You